About Us

The Washington State Office of Cyber Security (WA-OCS) was created in 2015 in response to ever-increasing threats to individual privacy, infrastructure stability, and preserving the continuity of commerce in the event of a cyber attack. WA-OCS is a part of Washington Technology Solutions (WaTech), the state agency responsible for central information technology services and policy for all state agencies.


TO KEEP THE STATE’S DATA SAFE AND SECURE.  Our state’s, and our nation’s, economic prosperity, security and commitment to individual privacy depend on our ability to defend against cyber threats. While these threats continue to evolve, so must our defense against them. To this end, the Washington State Office of Cyber Security (WA-OCS) will provide policy and technology leadership for state government, and promote cooperation and coordination between regional and national governments and corporations.


  • Protecting individual privacy by securing personal information stored by state agencies.
  • Securing the state’s networks and digital infrastructure from attack.
  • Engaging with regional and national public and private sector organizations to form deeper partnerships and build more unified response capabilities against cyber threats.
  • Partnering with policy, budget and organizational leaders to ensure a modern and coordinated approach to cyber security.
  • Ensuring the continuity of commerce for our state and our region in the event of a cyber attack on critical infrastructure.

Chief Information Security Officer:  Agnes Kirk