About WaTech

Washington Technology Solutions (WaTech) is one of the newest agencies in Washington state government. The Legislature changed how information technology is planned, developed, implemented, funded and maintained in Washington State government through the passage of ESSB 5931 in June, 2011. ESSB 5931 defines how information technology will be administered with emphasis on consolidation, efficiencies and using the private sector where it makes sense.

WaTech Vision, Mission, Goals, Values and Principles


The information technology partner of choice for agencies in the state of Washington.


We provide innovative technologies and support to our customers through competitive services that deliver measurable value.


  • Deliver high quality IT services
  • Deliver cost effective IT services (best alternative, best value, lowest possible price)
  • Satisfy customer needs
  • Be accountable for services provided (measures/transparency)
  • Be a high-performing organization
  • Ensure state data and systems are secure


WaTech is…

  • Guided by the customer’s needs for the services we provide and the delivery of value to the enterprise
  • Providing technology and service leadership for our customers
  • Competitively focused on price, quality, reliability, and customer satisfaction
  • Accountable to ourselves and our customers to deliver on our commitments and are transparent in our actions
  • Actively seeking and respectful of the views of others
  • Focused on continuously improving our knowledge, technologies, and services
  • Professionals; highly-skilled, adaptable, and committed to getting the job done
  • Committed to recognizing and celebrating accomplishments


  • Consolidate and standardize technology
  • Provide competitive cost for equivalent service
  • Promote productive customer relationships
  • Design and deliver reliable services
  • Be transparent in costs and outcomes

For more information about Washington Technology Solutions (WaTech), visit About WaTech