IRS: Beware of Scam Targeting W-2 Forms
With tax season in full swing, the Internal Revenue Service is warning of a new email scam that’s tricking organizations into providing W-2 forms and money to cyber criminals.

Ransomware Costs Enterprises $209M in 1H 2016
New report from Trend Micro shows the addition of ransomware families in first half of the year nearly doubled numbers for new families found in all of 2015.

Security Teams Not Keeping Up With Exponential Cloud Server Growth
Nearly all respondents to a CloudPassage survey conducted at the annual Black Hat security conference said when moving from traditional data centers to a cloud infrastructure environment, they increased the number of server workloads by a factor of two to 100. This greatly increases their attackable surface area, and more than 75 percent of respondents said security team hiring in the organization has lagged the rate at which new server workloads are created, changed, or retired in the cloud. 

Side Channel power, the new security front
Power analysis may be a way to secure devices on the Internet of Things.

3 Ways Governments Are Fighting Hackers
Agencies are broadening a few conventional tactics to prevent cyberattacks. 

Encryption hiding malware in half of cyber attacks
Cyber attackers are using encryption to hide malicious activity, making it increasingly difficult to find as more organisations turn to encryption to protect data, a study has revealed.