Watch out for SPAM . . .

SPAM emails are arriving more and more often.  Protect yourself by learning the signs that an email message is SPAM and should not be opened.

  1. Who is it from?  An email address with a long string of random characters before the @ sign is a red flag.  Also, what is after the @ sign?  A legitimate business will usually have their business name after the @ sign.  Beware of common business names that are misspelled.
  2. Is there a sense of urgency in the email.  Watch out for messages that want you to respond immediately.  Also, avoid emergency messages claiming to be from friends and family.
  3. Watch out for links in the email that the sender wants you to click on.  A legitimate email would tell you to log into your account, not click a link.
  4. Beware of attachments.  When in doubt, don’t open them!
  5. Look for incorrect spelling and grammar within the email.
  6. Beware of any email asking for personal information such as social security number, account number, or password.  Valid businesses will not ask for this information via email.
  7. Watch out for unsolicited emails.  Did you request information from the company?  If not, it is another sign to watch out.

When in doubt, don’t open it!