Internet of Things in the Workplace

Have you heard of the Internet of Things? This phrase is used to describe how all our devices are becoming interconnected, mostly over the Internet. Here are a few interconnected devices already on the market.

  • Refrigerators that help you look up recipes, tell you what you have in the fridge, and help you make a shopping list
  • Ovens that set themselves to the proper temperature and cooking time depending on what recipe you select from your smartphone
  • Shoes that track how long you run, how far you run, what your pace is, and how many calories you’ve burned
  • Bracelets that track number of steps, calories burned, quality of your sleep, and you can even enter what food you eat to track that too

The creators of these devices are making something completely new and if they aren’t mindful of security, those devices can be hacked like any other computer. So far it seems many creators seem to be more focused on getting the product out in stores than taking time to strongly consider security. Viruses have already been created to take control of the Internet of Things devices and several of those devices have been used to attack another machine online.

What does that mean for us at CTS? That depends on what devices we bring into the work area. Are you letting your latest device connect to the network? Can someone use your device to try to infect or attack others on the network? Though these kinds of attacks are fairly new, they are occurring and something we need to plan ahead for. Only connect approved devices to the networks at work, wired or wireless.