Keep your mobile phone secure

People are getting more dependent on their mobile phones.  We shop on them, bank on them, do business on them.  They contain a lot of information about our personal and business lives.  With this said, we must consistently use safe practices.

  • Add a password to your phone.  It may be inconvenient to type a password every time you want to use it but it is worth the trouble if you lose your phone. Locking your phone also keeps your data and contacts safe from prying eyes.
  • Use a “find your phone tool”. Certain software and apps make it easy to find your phone if you lose it, and make it easy for anyone who finds it to connect with you. Others offer the option of locking and wiping your phone remotely if necessary.
  • Don’t allow automatic connections.  Some phones are configured to automatically connect to available Wi-Fi networks and Bluetooth devices.  Disabling this option will prevent your phone from connecting and transmitting data without you realizing it.