Do not trust unsolicited calls that offer technical support!

If you receive an unsolicited phone call where the caller claims to be from a company’s technical support group and offers to assist you with fixing your computer or claims that your computer has a virus that needs to be removed immediately, hang up, this is probably a scam.

The caller tells you that they need to remotely access your computer.  Once they gain access, the scammer installs malware on your computer that may attempt to steal your passwords, financial information or any other personal information to use in identity theft or bank fraud.  The caller may also request that you pay them for their assistance by requesting your credit card information. Once they have your credit card number they make fraudulent charges.

Do not trust unsolicited calls! Do not provide any personal information!

Remember, legitimate companies will not call you unsolicited to fix your computer. Criminals will use your fear and emotions to try to steal your information.  They will say or do anything to convince you into giving personal information or allowing access to your computer.  Also, they may call you and know your name or other personal information so they seem more legitimate.  Don’t fall for it.  This information can easily be found on the Internet, through social media, and by using the phone book.

If you receive a call from a company offering tech support, just HANG UP! Never, under any circumstances, should you give out personal information over the phone to unsolicited callers.

Report calls to:

  • The Federal Trade Commission at:
  • The Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3) at:
  • If you have given out your credit card information, contact your card issuer immediately to close your account and/or dispute any fraudulent charges.