Public Wi-Fi

Public Wi-Fi seems to be everywhere but is it really safe?  If you are connecting to an unencrypted public Wi-Fi network, it probably isn’t safe.  The primary concern when using public Wi-Fi is the interception of your data. If you use an unencrypted public Wi-Fi network, criminals can access your data fairly easily.  With a little knowledge, they can see what you send and receive.  Your personal information, documents, conversations, and even login credentials can be acquired by the criminal. 

How to protect yourself?

  • Verify the name of the wireless network with the business that owns it before connecting.  Criminals will setup a wireless network that includes the name of nearby businesses in hope of getting you to connect so that they can intercept your data.
  • Check for a secure browser.  Look for HTTPS and/or the padlock.
  • Use firewalls and antivirus solutions.
  • Keep your software up-to-date. 
  • Enable two-factor authentication when possible.
  • Use strong passwords and use each password only once.
  • Avoid doing sensitive transactions on public Wi-Fi networks.  Perform sensitive transactions on trusted networks.
  • When you are done on the web, make sure you log off any sites that you logged into.
  • Turn off wireless when you are not using it.