Cyber Security and Your Summer Vacation

The summer vacation season is starting (and hopefully the weather will follow soon) and for many of us that means lounging on sunny beaches, reading a book in the shade or hitting the road for a new adventure. It can also mean identity theft and other crimes if we aren't careful about our online activities and protecting our information. Cyber crime does not take a summer vacation; we need to remain vigilant. Fortunately, by following some best practices, we can minimize the risk of becoming the next statistic.

Save the Social Media Vacation Posts Until You Get Back Home
It may be tempting to post details publicly of where and when you'll be traveling, but don't. By revealing such specifics, you are providing information that could be used by criminals to target your home while you're gone. Another common scam involves compromising email accounts to contact your friends or family with requests for help, claiming that you were robbed while on vacation and need money. Sending private posts and photos during your vacation to family and friends is ok, but if you post them publicly, you increase the risk of someone using that information for malicious activities. Also, make sure your children understand what, and when, they should post regarding your vacation plans.  Alternately, you can simply wait until you return to post those amazing photos online.