How to Create a Cyber Security Culture at Work

In accordance with NCSAM, it is everyone’s responsibility to help protect his/her organization against a breach or targeted attack. Here are a few tips on how you can help create a culture of cyber security at work:

  1. Focus on Security Basics
    • Passwords
    • Patches
    • Get a baseline in place
    • Limit and enforce access
    • Inventory and monitor
  2. Invest in Employee Awareness Training
    • Monthly tips
    • Newsletters
    • Training exercises
  3. Encourage the Senior Leadership to Embody Organizational Security

An organizational cyber security culture depends not solely on the work of one group but instead on the contributions of all personnel. By delegating security personnel to focus on security basics, employees to engage in interactive security awareness training, and executives to provide a consistent pro-security tone, you can create a holistic cyber security culture in which everyone has a stake.