Forensics Services

This team performs investigations for potential misuse of digital resources, including recovery of data from cell phones and computer workstations. Data recovery includes email, internet use, cell phone texts, instant messaging, social media applications, as well as deleted files and documents protected by passwords.

The WA-FS team has years of experience working in the public sector and is well versed in government ethics policies and regulations. In many cases, there are already existing interagency agreements between OCS and local governments. In addition to investigating misuse of digital resources, the team will analyze the information and provide a report. Expert testimony in legal proceedings is available when needed. Forensic Services will investigate malware intrusion on workstations for local governments to determine the method of infection and also ensure infected computers are clean before going back into use.

Key Functions:

  • Independent Investigations
  • E-Discovery
  • Digital forensic analysis
  • Expert testimony in legal proceedings