Dangers with charging your phone with your workstation

Connecting your phone to your workstation to charge may be putting you more risk than you realize. Computers creates a data connection with USB devices that are connected to it and as much as we don’t like it, no PC or smart phone antivirus is 100% effective. From time to time our systems get hit with a virus. Any infection on your computer can, potentially, infect your phone with malicious software.

On the reverse side, smart phones are becoming more and more popular and attackers are directly targeting that market more and more.  Hackers know that many of us are using our phones for online purchases and banking. They also know we often connect our phones to our computers to transfer music, pictures and video. Malware has been discovered by security researches that infects your phone then targets your PC when you plug it in.

Keep your smart phone and your workstation separate. The best bet is to use a simple wall phone charger.


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