Spam Filters

The CTS email filters stop a lot of the malicious messages that come through our borders. Last month over 31 million message were marked as malicious and stopped from being delivered by our spam and virus filters. Even with our well-trained messaging team and enterprise level spam filters, a few make it through. It is a constant ever changing battle between those that protect CTS data systems and those that mean to compromise our network. CTS employees should always be on guard.

Here is a near miss one company had from a large scale virus outbreak:
Last year, hackers attempted to break into one American organization by using encrypted zip files, which passed through the organization’s spam filters because they couldn't be unzipped to be scanned. The organization caught soon discovered this attack with one of the last lines of defense - desktop antivirus software, which triggered after the users had plugged in the password to see the zip file contents! Had the hackers not used an old virus the antivirus software could already detect, it would have been free to attack the company’s internal systems.

Long story short: End-user awareness about email and attachments is every bit as important as antivirus filters and firewalls. EVERY USER is an important part of hacker defense!