Think twice before you send that photo

Here are two considerations you might want to think about before sending a photo digitally. First is the well-known fact that when you email or text photos to another person, that person can save the pictures forever and re-send it to whomever they want. Once your picture is sent, you lose control of who gets it and how long it is kept. A good suggestion is to be willing for the general public to have any picture you send digitally.

Second is the ability of most smartphones to tag the pictures you take with the GPS coordinates when you take the picture. This is called Geo-Tagging and many smartphones have this feature enabled by default. Geo-Tagging allows anyone with that picture to find out where you were when it was taken.

One positive way this has been used is when law enforcement tracks down wanted fugitives whose pictures have been taken with a smartphone. Sadly, there are negative ways this technology is used as well. For example, a predator or stalkers looking for someone only needs a few pictures and they know where the person is likely to go.