Why is my computer patching AGAIN?!?

What are patches?

Similar to the way fabric patches are used to repair holes in clothing, software patches repair holes in software programs. Patches are updates that fix a particular problem or vulnerability within a program. Sometimes, instead of just releasing a patch, vendors will release an upgraded version of their software, although they may refer to the upgrade as a patch.

What are the top programs to keep patched?

The real answer is “all of them” as any program can have holes that a hacker can exploit, but let’s pick out a few of the most commonly exploited programs.

The Windows Operating System

For CTS, these patches are installed automatically. For your home machine, it is best to set updates to install automatically. You can always verify you have the latest patches by clicking the Windows Button > All Programs > Windows Update > Check for Updates.


Java is commonly used for complex or interactive web pages. To verify you have the latest version, go to www.java.com, click “Do I have Java?”, then “Verify Java version”. This will let you know not only if you have Java installed but if it is the most recent version.

Adobe Reader

PDF files are a common way of sending or receiving documents. To verify you have the latest Adobe Reader version, click the Windows Button > All Programs > Adobe Reader X. Once the program is open, click Help > Check for Updates….

If you have any questions regarding patching of CTS systems, you can call the CTS Service Desk (360-753-2454).