New Ways to Hack Your Information: USB Phone Chargers, E-Cigarettes

  • Posted on: 22 November 2016
  • By: OCS Communications

Think twice before plugging your almost dead cellphone into a free USB charging station while traveling. Security experts warn you run the risk of your smart phone being hacked.

It’s called “juice jacking,” which refers to the practice of taking data from a device while it is being charged. It’s important to keep in mind that USB ports are designed to share data, as well as electricity. 

You can protect yourself by taking along your own plug in charger and using an electrical socket to charge your phone, or taking along a spare battery charger. And remember to top off your phone before heading out the door.

That’s not the only new method of stealing your personal information. The FBI recently warned businesses about fake USB chargers, that look like the device used to charge cell phones, that can be used to record what keys you press on the keyboard. So make sure that you don’t use chargers that are unknown to you, or have them near your computer.

Concerns are also being raised about E-cigarettes, which some people charged by plugging into their computers. Experts advise against plugging any device into your computer unless you know it’s secure.